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Welcome to Year 6, where we work together to not only achieve end of year curricular aims, but also to develop the skills to be lifelong learners and ready to move through the transition to secondary school. Our aim for all of the children in Class 5 is to develop the 5R's of learning: Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reasoning and Reflection.
We encourage the children to formulate questions about the topics we cover and develop a sense of curiosity about their learning.
Key Timings:
PE - Thursday afternoons
Class 5 also like to make use of our natural surroundings and often go out to learn or add to our daily activity.  Ensuring that your child has suitable footwear and a coat for this purpose will be of benefit.
Homework- This is shown on Google Classroom and is linked to our current Project.  A folder is there for work to be handed in.  It is checked weekly, on a Thursday.
Spellings - Issued on Mondays and practised daily, every morning. These are also shown on Google Classroom along with our weekly handwriting focus.  Practising both the spellings and the handwriting as part of your homework will be beneficial.

Summer Term Knowledge Rich Project (KRP) - Groundbreaking Greeks


History This is the driver subject for our ‘Knowledge Rich Project’ (KRP)


This term, we will be studying the topic ‘Ground-breaking Greeks’. This project teaches the children about developments and changes over six periods of ancient Greek history, focusing on the city state of Athens in the Classical age, and exploring the lasting legacy of ancient Greece.


To ensure full curriculum coverage this will have mini companion projects in Science, Art and DT that will sit alongside the topic.



Along with focusing on grammar, spelling, handwriting and reading skills, we will explore Greek myths in the first half of the summer term.  We will go on to use recounts, autobiographies and balanced arguments in the second half of the term. The English genres that we cover will be based on our KRP as well as experiences that the children will enjoy this term which includes the residential to London and their transition day to secondary school. Much of our writing will be cross curricular and we will be continuing to transfer skills learnt in English, to other curriculum areas.


Linked Text Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans. A troubled boy’s life is turned upside down when an immortal crashes out of the sky onto his barn. They go on adventures together but accidentally release a daemon. With help from the gods, they begin a quest to save the world that takes them to incredible places on Earth and beyond



We will continue to follow the White Rose Year 6 units for learning in this subject.  Prior to the KS2 SAT’s, we will be finishing all the required units for learning and then we will go onto explore investigative maths and consolidation topics which take abstract maths concepts and set them in real- world scenarios.



We will be learning about the geography of ancient Greece including islands, significant city states, landmarks, surrounding seas and countries.  We will be able to answer the question ‘Where is Greece?’ using atlases, a world map or existing geographical knowledge of the world.



Mixed media: This project teaches children about paper crafts, papermaking and collage techniques, including paper, fabric, mixed media and photo collage. They use their learning to create a final piece of small-scale, mixed media collage.

Expression: This project teaches children about the Expressionist art movement and the 'Father of Expressionism', Edvard Munch. They explore different ways to portray feelings and emotions in art to create an imaginative self-portrait.



Properties and Changes of Materials: This project teaches children about the wider properties of materials and their uses. They learn about the reversible mixing of materials, including the process of dissolving, and how mixtures can be separated. Irreversible changes, such as burning and rusting, are also observed.



Architecture: This project teaches children about how architectural style and technology has developed over time and then use this knowledge to design a building with specific features.



We will follow the SCARF units for PSHE which will include the units ‘Being My Best’ and ‘Growing and Changing’.  These lessons will be blocked during the first weeks of both half term and will be revisited through our assemblies during the term also.



We are following a two-year programme of study from Curriculum Kernewek.  Our first topic for this half term is a unit covering the Christianity unit of GOSPEL: What would Jesus do? This will be followed by a unit looking at Christianity in the locality of Cornwall and considering the question: How can people in Cornwall express their spirituality through the arts?



We will continue to build on our French vocabulary, listening and writing skills through the units of 'All about me’ and ‘Holidays and Hobbies’.  



Initially we will be covering a ‘sing unit’ called ‘Ame sau vala tarra bal’ which involves listening to and developing an understanding of world music. During the second half of the term, we will be focusing on aspects of singing, playing, improvising, composing, and listening through a unit of work called ‘Building a Groove’.



ICT will be used throughout all the other subject areas to enhance the children's understanding and for research purposes.  Children will be encouraged to use ICT as a tool for furthering their understanding in other curriculum areas. Throughout the term there will be an emphasis on keeping ourselves safe online.  Discovery Coding for Year 6 will be used as a tool to develop their understanding of Coding: designing, writing and debugging programs that accomplish specific goals. In addition to this, we are following two units.  The first looks at Data and Information – spreadsheets, and the second will be a Programming unit called ‘variables in a game.’



The first half term will have a sport focus of Nimble nets, a fitness focus of Pilates, and a health focus on healthy bodies.  The second half term will have a sport focus of Young Olympians, a fitness focus of cool core, and a health focus on ‘germ busters.’ There will be opportunities for children to participate in extracurricular clubs and sporting events and festivals as part of our links with the Newquay Schools sports partnership.  We are also excited to be able to welcome the Cornish Pirates in to run a series of rugby sessions.

Class 5 will have a change of PE day this term.  It will now be on a Thursday. On these days, for the time being, children must wear their PE kits to school. There may of course, be additional days when the children may be required to wear a PE kit, which they will be clearly informed about.

By Year 6, children are at the end of the 'Shakespeare and More' spelling scheme.The spelling overview, explains how this scheme works.
Spelling lists shown here are for year 5's and we normally get through 1- 2 every half term. Year 6 will be revisiting and revising these patterns and lists through their Nelson Spelling revision books.  Therefore it will be of benefit for them to also be practising these words again.
All children should also be regularly practising the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling lists, which incorporate most of these words.  It should be noted that these lists work around spelling patterns and there are many other words that can be found within these patterns.  Finding other words which fit the patterns as well as exploring exceptions to the rules, is imperative to good spelling.
The weekly spellings are all included on the spelling and handwriting tab of our Google Classroom.

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