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Class 5

Mrs Burt

Class Teacher

Miss Delaney

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 6, where we work together to not only achieve end of year curricular aims, but also to develop the skills to be lifelong learners and ready to move through the transition to secondary school. Our aim for all of the children in Class 5 is to develop the 5R's of learning: Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reasoning and Reflection.
We encourage the children to formulate questions about the topics we cover and develop a sense of curiosity about their learning.
Key Timings:
PE - Friday afternoons
Class 5 also like to make use of our natural surroundings and often go out to learn or add to our daily activity.  Ensuring that your child has suitable footwear and a coat for this purpose will be of benefit.
Homework- This is shown on Google Classroom and is linked to our current Project.  A folder is there for work to be handed in.  It is checked weekly, on a Thursday.
Spellings - Issued on Mondays and practised daily, every morning. These are also shown on Google Classroom along with our weekly handwriting focus.  Practising both the spellings and the handwriting as part of your homework will be beneficial.
Our Learning Project  (ILP) for Autumn Term 2021: Maafa!

This term, we will be studying the topic ‘Maafa’.  This project teaches children about Africa past and present and the development of the slave trade. It also explores Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora.  In order to ensure full curriculum coverage this will have mini companion projects that will sit alongside the topics: Trailblazers, Barrier Breakers; Animals, including humans Y6;Evolution and Inheritance; Tints, Tones and Shades Y6; Food for Life and Our Changing World.


Class Novel: Freedom is written by the award-winning author, Catherine Johnson. The story is based around an enslaved Jamaican boy who is separated from his family and taken to work in England. His owners, the Barratts, treat him cruelly, but he is determined to escape and earn the money needed to buy his family’s freedom. While in London, he attends the Zong slave ship’s court hearing and learns about the horrors that took place on board.


PSHE We will follow the SCARF units for PSHE which will include the units ‘Me and My Relationships’ and ‘Valuing differences’.  These lessons will be blocked during the first weeks of both half term and will be revisited through our assemblies during the term also.


RE  We are following a two year programme of study from Curriculum Kernewek.  Our first topic for Year 6 is What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?  This will be followed by Unit 2b.4 INCARNATION Was Jesus the Messiah?  As well as the Christian festival of Christmas.

By Year 6, children are at the end of the 'Shakespeare and More' spelling scheme.The spelling overview, explains how this scheme works.
Spelling lists shown here are for year 5's and we normally get through 1- 2 every half term. Year 6 will be revisiting and revising these patterns and lists through their Nelson Spelling revision books.  Therefore it will be of benefit for them to also be practising these words again.
All children should also be regularly practising the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling lists, which incorporate most of these words.  It should be noted that these lists work around spelling patterns and there are many other words that can be found within these patterns.  Finding other words which fit the patterns as well as exploring exceptions to the rules, is imperative to good spelling.
The weekly spellings are all included on the spelling and handwriting tab of our Google Classroom.

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