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Class 3

Mrs Olefhile

Class Teacher

Mr Turner

Teaching Assistant

Class 3 consists  of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
Our aim  is to ensure that every child feels that they are part of a caring class. A class in which they feel confident enough to try new things without fear of failure. A class in which everybody has something to offer. Our aspiration is that the children in Class 3 will become self-motivated learners through a varied and exciting curriculum. Parents are always welcome in Class 3, whether to discuss their child's progress or to help on educational visits. We want Class 3 children to enjoy school and to look forward to the opportunities each new day offers.
Key Timings:
Homework - Handed out at the beginning of term. 
Times Table Rockstars - Tues/Thu 8:30-9:00 for Y3, Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30-9:00 for Y4 (times will be adjusted for children who have a temporary later arrival time).
Spellings - Issued on Mondays, practised every day in class, tested on Fridays.
Your child will need to read to an adult at home and have their Reading Record signed, daily if possible. 
Class 3's Home/School Link - Class toy
Our class toy is Monty the manatee. Monty the Manatee (the story) is a charming, uplifting tale which explores themes of bullying and friendship and emphasises the importance of being kind. Monty will also be teaching us a lot about looking after our world so that manatees and other animals can survive in their habitats. At the end of each week he will pick a child to go home with who has worked hard on being a superstar, both with their work and general manners. It would be lovely if your child could write a diary entry with an illustration or photograph so that we can share their experiences with the class.