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Class 4

Mrs Wicks

Class Teacher

Mr Wellsteed

Class Teacher

Mrs Cooper

Teaching Assistant

Miss St Vall

Teaching Assistant

Class 4 consists of Y4 and Y5 children.
Our aim is to nurture the children in our care to be adaptable, diligent, creative, self-motivated and thoughtful learners through a rich, varied and exciting curriculum.  
We encourage children to immerse themselves in our topic and make links between all the subjects they are taught. Throughout the year, children also focus on developing the 5R's of learning: Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reasoning and Reflection.
During week 1, Mrs Wicks delivered a programme called Protective Behaviours to the class (see powerpoint presentation below). There are two important themes to this programme: ‘We all have the right to feel safe all of the time’ and ‘We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small’. If you would like further information, please speak to Mrs Wicks.
Spring 1 2020 ~ Scream Machine
Roll up, roll up. You’re (hopefully) going on a day trip to a theme park, to soak up the unique sights, smells and sounds of the fair. Learn about the science behind roller coasters and write poems that are shaped as a loop the loop. Design a theme park and show your ideas on a digital map. Time for some mini investigations. Cam mechanisms, pendulums, pulleys and prototypes. Let’s go behind the scenes to see forces at work. Good news. The engineers at ‘Scream Towers’ love your work and want you to build a death defying new ride for their theme park. Make a working model and test it out. Okay, ready to ride? Don’t forget to scream if you want to go faster.
  1. Reading: at least five times a week (reading records to be handed in on a Monday morning and checked on a Tuesday morning)
  2. Spellings (these will be uploaded onto Google Classroom each Monday and tested the following Monday)
  3. Times tables facts (these will be tested each Friday)
  4. Optional Curriculum Project activities (see home learning ideas on Google Classroom)
Learning times table facts is vital and children should be able to recite their table facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. Therefore, it is really important that whenever you get a few minutes you keep encouraging them to revisit these so they can automatically recall the facts without having to use fingers or apparatus. The more your child practices the easier they will find calculations at school and out in the real world. Pupils in Year 4 will also be doing an online multiplication tables check in June. Pupils are asked to answer 25 questions on times tables from 2 to 12. They are given six seconds per question, with three seconds rest between each question, so the test should last less than five minutes.



Class 4 have PE on Mondays with Mr Turner and Tuesdays with Mrs Wicks. On Mondays and Tuesdays, children must come to school dressed for PE.

PE kit:

  •          Shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms - black
  •          Plain green T-shirt (no large print or design)
  •          Trainers or plimsolls
  •          Socks
  •          Tracksuits may be worn for outside PE during colder weather
  •          No earrings or jewellery to be worn for PE

Please can all items of kit and school uniform be named.

In Spring 1, we will do some yoga, weather permitting. Wednesday to Friday, normal uniform can be worn but girls will need to wear shorts or leggings underneath their skirts.