St Pirans Day

6th March 2015

St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall is said to have landed at the sandy shores of Cornwall at Perranporth. Legend tells us that Piran originated from Ireland, cast to sea tied to a millstone on the order of the Irish King who was suspicious of Piran’s miraculous powers. He survived stormy seas and arrived at Perranporth where he built an oratory (a small chapel) to promote Christianity. The oratory is now preserved in the sand dunes at Perran Sands.

St Piran is famous for his accidental discovery of tin, when a black stone on his fireplace got so hot that a white liquid leaked out; the first tin smelting. This discovery formed the basis of the Cornish flag, the black being the ore and the white symbolising the tin.

St Piran’s day celebrations continue to grow in popularity, and here at Mawgan-in-Pydar Community School we would like to continue to celebrate St Piran's Day. On THURSDAY 5TH MARCH we would like to celebrate St Piran’s Day by having Cornish activities within the school to support our curriculum learning. On FRIDAY 6TH MARCH, we will continue our celebrations by walking to the beach and enjoying a traditional Cornish pasty, weather permitting. Don't forget to bring a coat, a drink and to wear sensible walking shoes.