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Mawgan-in-Pydar Primary School

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Here, at Mawgan-in-Pydar School, we use an online system to record and share your child’s learning and fun throughout the foundation year.


This system is called ‘Tapestry’ which is available for you anytime, anywhere via the use of the internet. A handy tip is to download the application on your smart phone and tablet or use the computer. We will email you when a new page is added to your child’s learning journey, which you can view and comment on.


We love hearing about the stories and wonderful things you do at home, so please make your own observations and add your photos and videos. This is helpful for us in Class 5 to see the learning continue at home, so many thanks in advance.


The Tapestry Logo below will take you straight to the website to log in.

The link will guide you to the tapestry help for logging in page.

In the foundation stage we follow the Statutory Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This document is laid out in the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the curriculum we follow in the foundation stage. The links below will take you directly to both documents which are provided here for you to read.



In Class 5 we are focusing on the age bands 30 – 50, 40 – 60+ and the Early Learning Goals (ELG). We have provided a sheet with just these three age bands and the statements that they include in each of the 7 different areas of learning. These are the learning objectives for the foundation stage.